Society 6
Hi, I'm Drew! I design, illustrate, and photograph things.
Beyond that I dig live music, weird movies, old books, and strong coffee.
Let's work together.
Responsive Website for Sprout
I worked in a small team to bring the Sprout brand online. We used a pre-existing wordpress template and modified it to work within the brand. The site is live and in use right now at
Ingrained Sleeves Context Photography
I took some context photos for Ingrained Sleeves with the company's founder. These photos highlight the functionality of the product and provide a tone for the brand.
Sprout Logo System
Several classmates and I developed the branding and design collateral for the launch of an urban youth learning garden in Des Moines, Iowa. My logo design is currently being used for the project. Click on the image above for a closer look and to see the other logos I came up with for this project.
Editorial Illustrations for Blue Magazine
Over the past few years I've created multiple illustrations for different issues of Drake Blue Magazine. The magazine is Drake University's alumni magazine which prints roughly 60,000 copies bi-annually. Click on the image to see more!
Drake University Icons Set
During my work at Drake University I developed a large set of multi-purpose icons for their Marketing and Communications department. Click the image above to see more or click here to view the entire set on dribbble.
Surveillance Knowledge Map & Periscope
For a research course I was tasked to create both a knowledge map and an artifact based on research I had conducted. My topic was government surveillance and these pieces aim to provide the user with the duality of this controversial subject.
Experiential Concert Website
For a web design course I designed and developed a website based on my experience of attending a concert. The website is somewhat experimental and is meant to mimic the sensory experience one undergoes when at a show. You can check out the website for yourself here.
Dear Photograph - Drake University
During my work at Drake University I embarked on a project with my friend and fellow photographer Ben Curtis. We took old archived photos of Drake University and matched them up with their matching contemporary location. This project was inspired by the Dear Photograph Project.